Who is Perfect Home Bars?

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It’s so nice to meet you! We are Gloria Albarrán Lynch and Larry Lynch. We are distributors for high quality entertainment and leisure furniture and accessories, such as home bars, bar stools, game tables, billiard tables, wine cabinets, etc.  We represent most of the top furniture manufactures in the US and Canada,  and our goal is to help you find the perfect look and style for your home,  Our incredible selection makes it really easy to find and choose what you need, so you can create the home you always wanted and imagined.

What will we talk about in our blog?

We want to tell you who we are and what we know how to do.

Perfect Home Bars is an e-commerce boutique store that specializes in fun and entertainment furniture.  We have everything related to wine and liquor storage and serving, entertaining, and tips and accessories for hosting a fantastic party or event.  Home entertainment is on the rise, and we believe that it should be much more that just playing videos or watching T.V. movies or sport games. Social entertainment is a great way to really enjoy life fully, and to share this joy with your friends and family.

At Perfect Home Bars, we have always believed that a home is built on a few very important pillars or columns that are:  creativity, style and elegance, optimal use of the available space, and of course, finding and getting the perfect pieces of furniture.  This is one of the main reasons that we have created this site, specially designed for you.

And why not dream about it? After all, imagination is always the first step to creating something wonderful. We facilitate and help you with our wide selection of products and accessories that will help you to easily search and find your perfect piece in any material, style, size, color and finishing that you want and that will seamlessly complement the furniture you already have at home, upgrading any room in your house.

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We love to have fun at home and we firmly believe that having the right furniture and accessories can make all the difference between a regular party and an awesome one.    Home entertainment is better not only because it is less expensive and you can extend the party as long as you want without being kicked out of the place.  We are convinced that people can enjoy any party or event more when they are within the privacy of their home.  It gives you total freedom and control, and if you have the right tools and furniture, you can easily become the perfect host or hostess without much effort or spending. Meals with family and friends, family celebrations and gatherings, parties, birthdays, reunions and meetings, card and billiard games, and in general any fun event can be easily put together on a short notice and without a lot of effort if you have the right equipment.

Why choose us?

In this competitive market, we offer one of the best selection of entertainment and leisure furniture at your fingertips.  You can browse in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are, and find the perfect piece that meets your exact needs and wishes. We are a first rate retailer with years of experience and an excellent reputation, backed by our credentials and outstanding reviews.   We offer our experience, contacts, and exceptional personalized customer service to help to find exactly what you are looking for.  Shopping online could not be made any easier, more reliable and trouble free. So browse and shop around, assured that we will do anything we can to make your shopping experience truly memorable.

With just one click you can get whatever you want and we will take care of everything else, including shipping and installing. Our product selection is hard to match, and we provide follow up in every step of the way to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with your purchase.

You create your space, we have and we are what you need at any time: www.perfecthomebars.com

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